Avoid Locksmith Scams!

lock-re-keying-tile-smThere are locksmith’s that try to get you with low illegitimate adds such as $15 or $19 locksmith services. When you call the dishonest companies you find out that the cost of the $15 or $19 fee is really just a service call fee. You may think you are calling a local company, but really you may be calling a call center in New York, California or even another country. While, it appears that you are quoted a reasonable price, this is really not true! You will find these companies will not provide you an exact price quote, but instead will say the cost of the services you require start at $35 and up in addition to the $15 or $19 service fee. What does $35 and up mean? Well, that’s anybody’s guess. This is the point of the scam marketing. Once the technician arrives they will do a bait-and-switch trying to charge you the most they can for the locksmith services you require. Plus, most of these locksmith “technicians” are sub-contractors that work on commission. The more they up-sell and the more jobs they do the more they will make.

Furthermore, watch out for the un-licensed and un-insured locksmiths, which many of these scam companies use. It is required by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation for locksmiths to be licensed and insured. You do not want a hack job performed on your vehicle or residential house because you called an improperly trained and un-licensed locksmith. Protect yourself and your property!

Remember a legitimate locksmith company will not come perform locksmith services for an illegitimate price such as $15. Legitimate locksmiths must maintain both their licenses and insurance for all employed locksmiths. This is not cheap! Knowledgeable locksmiths may cost you more up front, but will be cheaper in the long run!

Here are some videos and tips on how to find the right locksmith companies:


  • All MD locksmith’s must publish their license number and company name (on websites, invoices, business cards and all advertisements.)
  • You can ask to see the locksmith’s license upon arrival and he must carry it with him and show it to you.
  • You can verify a locksmith’s license is active and if the company exist on the DLLR website, click here for that information.
  • Ask for Exact Price Quote to be provided up front on the phone. Provide pictures if needed to locksmith.
  • Look for businesses with local numbers instead of 1-800 toll free numbers that may be sending you to call centers based elsewhere.
  • If a locksmith insists on cash, this may mean a scam.
  • If the technician will not give you a written estimate before starting a job do not agree to have them perform the job.
  • If the onsite estimate is different than the phone estimate than do not permit the locksmith to perform the job. They are scamming you!
  • If the company answers the phone with a generic name such as “locksmith service or 24/7 locksmith” this is highly suspect and more than likely a scam company!
  • Look for google reviews for the company you are calling.
  • Before having the locksmith service technician come out ensure you have asked about all the different types of service fees such as emergency, after hours fees, labor costs, service call costs, etc.


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